So WHY KoolMount?

The KoolMount was designed after researching several of the competitors and asking myself..."WHY ARE THEY SO EXPENSIVE?"... After many designs and a few prototypes, I came up with a less fancy but just as versatile design at a much lower cost than the competitors. I also learned that research and development as well as design and testing along with materials and labor and marketing gets quite expensive! As with many ideas, the KoolMount was made out of necessity, due to the popularity of BusaTunes Sportbike Audio Systems. I needed to be able to offer customers an alternative to the expensive competitors or Velcro for mounting their IPods, Cell phones, GPS's and other mobile devices.

    As for the name, well, after I came up with the final design, I had to do some road testing. Everywhere I went, people were always asking me questions, like "How is you phone staying there?" and "Where did you get that?", after which I would explain, and the response was "Man, that's a
Cool Mount!"...Anyway...

What are the benefits the KoolMount offers? Well, here's a Dozen...

       1. High quality 6061 Aluminum with race grade welding
       2. Low-Profile easy-to-see design that it won't interfere with guages
       3. Angled to face the rider at a 45 degrees or...
       4. When turned 180 degrees, sits FLAT allowing the use of cameras,
            toll transponders or radar detectors
       5. Compatible AMP plate design to work with virtually all other mounting
            systems and device cradles (T-pin, Dual T-Pin, 4 Pin, and others)
       6. NO tools required to install; installs in about 30 seconds
       7. NO mounting bolts to come loose from the steering column; solid one
           piece design. AMP plate uses 4 screws and 4 nuts to secure device.
       8. Won't damage or vibrate your device, even at HIGH speeds
       9. Comes with an adjustable PanaVice mobile device holder Made in USA
      10. Extra center hole to allow for virtually any other type of mount.
      11. 100% weatherproof
      12. And, YES, affordably priced...LESS than the other guys. Save

  Don't Wait! Click here to order your KoolMount TODAY!
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